Automated Tasks Script Wrapper


Get Automated Task Results in seconds instead of 30+ minutes. With Script Wrapper for SolarWinds RMM!


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Easy to Use

Dashboard Takes 30+ Minutes

Script Wrapper Takes Seconds

Get Task Results Immediately

See Full Task Results & Logs

Works With Any .amp Script

100% Customizable

24/7 Support Available

Open Source

100% FREE

"Great AddOn for running tasks"
- Bud P., Kokomo Systems LLC

"If you are struggling with the long response times for the feedback of Automated Tasks, this is a great AddOn for running tasks and getting feedback in just a few seconds."

"Thank you for this. FAST!"
- Tom S., SunRay IT Support

"We were spending days testing and revising a large task script because every time we ran it from the Dashboard we had to wait 40 minutes to get results each time. Now we develop our task scripts in a few hours and testing is FAST!"

"Your Script Wrapper rocks!"
- John K., Custom System Solutions

"Your Script Wrapper rocks! Can't believe no one has written this before. SolarWinds RMM is a great tool but this has been a problem with it for a long time. Great solution!"

"Saves me HOURS of time each week"
- John F., IT System Pros

 "Saves me HOURS of time each week. I can run a task on hundreds of computers and do a quick filter on the email results to know the result from every machine without clicking through the Dashboard for an hour."

"Easy to use & helps us a lot"
- Mario H., Blakeslee IT Support

"It was easy to add this to our existing scripted tasks and make our lives easier. It helps us a lot."

"Makes Automated Tasks in RMM WAY better"
- Chris S., Central IT

"It was murder having a client on the phone, then running a task to solve their problem then never knowing if it ran or not or what the result was and telling them, I'll call you back in an hour. Makes Automated Tasks in RMM WAY better"

"Easy solutions for advanced Task scripts. Thank you."
- Myke M., Dreamland IT Support

"Easy solutions for advanced Task scripts. We now can write task scripts with hundreds or thousands of lines much easier because testing time is so fast. Thank you."

"360-degree real-time view of Tasks ran & results."
- Frank K., Brady Systems

 "We are able to respond to maintenance & issues much faster with this tool. We now have a 360-degree real-time view of Tasks ran & results."

"6 years of struggling with Automated Tasks now painless."
- Steve W., Quality IT Systems

"We have been running SolarWinds RMM for 6 years and Automated Tasks were always a struggle. Now with this simple tool, it's painless."

"Great script template & script wrapper."
- Tom Z., Ruff IT Systems

"Great script template & script wrapper. Saves us SO much time. Thanks for sharing publicly."

Update History

-Added GUID for script log history
-Fixed bug for error when no folder exists 

-Fixed Dashboard response showing as failed even when script succeeds due to Automation Manager bug

-Added custom log details
-Added ability to return back attached files

Road Map

-Add support for Slack alerts. Script Wrapper will have options to use email and/or Slack alerts.

-Add ability to hard code email password in script wrapper so when you add a Task you do not need to type or know the email password.

-Add option for Script Wrapper to return Full Automation Manager log dump as an attachment.

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