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SolarWinds RMM Extensions & AddOns


Automated Tasks Script Wrapper

Advanced Script Wrapper & Template for Automation Manager. Run Automated Tasks tasks immediately & get confirmation and returned data in seconds instead of an hour. Sends an email when the Automated Tasks starts and an email when the Automated Task completes with script results.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast to implement
  • Any Automation Manager script
  • Get confirmation script is running
  • Get confirmation script is finished
  • Status updates in seconds
  • Get script return logs
  • Know if script success or failed
  • Task Dashboard takes 30+ minutes
  • Script Wrapper takes only seconds
  • Open-Source
  • FREE to download & use 

Managed Backup

Local, Network, NAS, & Cloud Backup Solution. Zero config setup, remote deploy, fully integrated with SolarWinds RMM Dashboard & Reporting. Store your client's data in any cloud storage of your choice. 256 AES Encryption. Run local + remote backups at the same time. Bit-level forever incremental & fast restore.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast to implement
  • Bit Level Incremental Backup
  • Run Local and Remote backups
  • Own your data
  • Control your storage costs
  • Fast & reliable
  • Restore from local or cloud
  • No setup on endpoints needed
  • Intelligent auto-config of settings
  • Your own 256 AES Encryption Keys
  • More affordable solution

Coming Soon ...

Support Request App - Branded

Support Request App

Tired of users sending vague ticket requests like, "My computer is slow."? Wish you had more technical details of the status of the machine at the time the Support Request was sent? This App solves all that and more.


  • Runs on user desktop
  • Helps user send needed details 
  • Automatically takes screenshot
  • Gathers system information
  • Gathers additional system info
  • Asks when support can be done
  • Emails all info
  • Remembers user form data


For those times when you need to remote desktop a machine with an active user on it but don't want to interrupt them, and don't want to wait until after hours. RDP Pro allows you to silently remote desktop without interrupting the user.


  • Login automatically
  • No installation required
  • No more annoying trust popups
  • Enhanced security
  • Allows you to save credentials
  • Concurrent Sessions
  • User uninterrupted
  • User has no knowledge of session
  • No more waiting for after-hours

Coming Soon ...

Ninite App

Ninite Installer

Set install and update policies for all endpoints for automated deployments & updates. Set different policies for each client, location, or machine. Silent & scheduled script. Run On-Demand installs and updates when needed.


  • Schedule Maintenance with a single script
  • On-Demand Installs, Updates and Uninstalls
  • Detailed Audit Information
  • Detailed History Information
  • Detailed Ticketing
Alert App

Alert App

Send immediate desktop pop-up messages to any group of users that requires them to acknowledge the message before closing it. Urgent alerts and messages pop up on the user's desktop and force them to read immediately. No more waiting for an email response for urgent items.


  • Easy to use
  • Send immediate messages
  • Announcements
  • Maintenance
  • Message Box
  • Windows popup message
  • A simple reminder
  • Leave their desktops running
  • Reboot

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